Aion little history lesson

PvE also gets new additions Aion Kinah with eight new instances keep the excitement high at the later stage of the game. The Rune Fifa 14 Ultimate team Coins
Shield Tower located in the Katalam Underground can be entered starting at level 65. The Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield is located in South Katalam. Six more instances also await in the upper Abyss region and are suitable for players between the levels of 61 and 65.

Once the Elyos and Asmodians discovered the Petralith energy core they immediately began to research new weapon types. With the aid of the schematics and the parts collected from the Sauro War Depot, they finalised the machine components and extracted the energy sources from the Id technology provided by Hyperion. The result was the Aethertech’s Mech, Elyos and Asmodians both share the opinion that the Aethertech is a new turning point on the field of battle.