The scientific cleaning and maintenance of diamonds the engagement ring and wedding ring difference

Diamonds clean

Diamond and other items, will be infected, dirty or stained with dust. A variety of solvents, powders, soaps and even the human body will produce thin Cartier love ring replica films on the diamond surface, reducing the gloss of diamonds. In addition, the air may also oxidize the jewelry or make it fade. The following recommended several diamond cleaning methods:

1, rinse with detergent

First put a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond into the bowl, with a soft brush gently wipe, brush finished after the diamond out into the metal mesh or tea, rinse with warm water, And then dry with a soft cloth.

2, soaked in cold water

To 1: 4 ratio of the detergent into the cold water, the drill into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush, rinse it once with the solution, and then wipe it dry with paper towels.

3, cold water immersion method

In the half-cup family of Ammonian water, add the same amount of water, dipped in dipped in solution and gently wiped the water.

In addition, the use of ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaner effect is also good.

Diamond maintenance

1, diamond ornaments to be stored separately. Can not be put together with other jewelry, to avoid causing friction or oxidation damage the nature of diamonds. It is best to buy a few large boxes of diamond ornaments in addition to the collection.

2, absolutely in the good makeup, spray perfume and then wear Cartier nail bracelet replica a diamond ornaments. Because diamonds have oil absorption, grease or dust will stick to the diamond surface to make it bleak. It is recommended that you can use alkaline detergent to soak it for 1-3 minutes, then rinse with water rinse clean.

3, try to wear sweaters or knitwear when the attention of the body wearing a diamond ornaments have not been pulled off, after all, diamonds is not a bargain.

We often say that the wedding ring is not only refers to the wedding ring, including the engagement ring, wedding ring is a collectively, so the engagement ring and wedding ring in a sense or have in common, but in 520 to buy diamond ring Need to correctly understand the engagement ring and wedding ring difference, to prevent mistakes, and now Levi to come for everyone to analyze this knowledge.

Engagement ring and wedding ring is the most significant difference is the center of the engagement ring has a prominent gem, the general tradition of precious stones is mainly diamonds, but the color gem will be embedded in the diamond ring, such as ruby, emerald, sapphire and the like The And wedding rings are mostly gold or platinum to create the ring, can not be embedded in any large stones inlaid small diamond drill situation or some. So 520 to buy diamond ring when you pay attention to the purchase of engagement rings can be mosaic large gems but the purchase of wedding rings can not have a large gemstone inlay. Especially pay attention to the engagement ring gem mosaic in the middle can not have a gap, meaning the two love can not accommodate any person’s intervention, both feelings unbreakable.

Engagement ring is the man to the woman said he would like to spend a lifetime with each other’s wishes, is to ask the woman agreed to the letter that is to express their own want to take care of girls for life, willing to grow old together with the girls, the general expression of the meaning of Replica Cartier jewelry the man, and the woman’s attitude to be determined. But the wedding ring is not the same, is generally on the ring, both men and women to wear each other in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I followed the Leves wedding ring, it means that the two later Mutual support, life never forget, through thick and thin. The expression of the two is a common vision, is the responsibility of marriage.

Engagement ring and wedding ring Another biggest difference is that wearing a different, the general engagement ring worn on the left middle finger, the expression is that the person has been a master of flowers, so that the suitors can clearly see, but also to know the fun does not disturb. The wedding ring is generally worn on the left hand ring finger, the expression is two loyalty after the wait, do not abandon do not easily give up each other. This is the practice of love oath, but also on the eternal companions of the silent waiting.


On the engagement ring and wedding ring difference, may Levi’s introduction is not comprehensive, but more or less on your 520 to buy diamond ring correctly distinguish between the two is very helpful, so you can read the relevant content, and then correctly buy, Correct use, proper wear.