RuneScape Familiarisation Guide

RuneScape Familiarisation Guide

RuneScape introduced a new Distractions and Diversions, Familiarisation, on February 16, 2010 to help with summoning. For playing a 20 minute minigame, RuneScape players once a week can choose a reward of either up to 40 minutes of triple charm drops or a reward of shards and tertiary ingredients. See theFamiliarisation Slideshow for an in game action guide. Basically, there is a spirit plane from where the spirit shards are gathered. Summoning familiars are summoned from this plane. Lately, something has been interfering with the ability to gather shards. Fortunately, Pikkupstik’s apprentice, Pikkenmix has discovered that once every two hours, a random summoning obelisk becomes active.

RuneScape players can perform this distraction and diversion once a week. There are no requirements. Find the active summoning obelisk and talk to Pikkenmix to start. The RuneScape player is then teleported into the spirit plane where he operates under the disguise of a summoning familiar.

The object of Familiarisation is to gather all sixty shard fragments. Players have 20 minutes in which to gather the shards. Shards are unique to each player and do not respawn. Others cannot take one player’s shards. RuneScape players start out as a random familiar and need to stay away from two types of familiars. Coming within roughly 5 7 squares allows the familiar to “spot” the player, weakening the player’s focus. A bar on the left side of the screen measures how much focus the RuneScape player has remaining. As the game progresses, more familiars are added to the list of those to avoid.

Run energy is not useful in Familiarisation, as run is depleted fast and recharges very slowly. Access to equipment and inventory is not available during the game. Save run for escaping familiars and picking up shards when low on focus.

The game ends when one of three things happens; all 60 shards are gathered, the 20 minutes end, or the RuneScape player’s focus is entirely drained. The player can then get a reward of either up to 40 minutes of triple summoning charm drop or a reward of Tertiary ingredients.

RuneScape players opting to take the triple summoning charm reward should have on hand a fast bank teleport or be wearing combat gear and have food and a teleport to a predetermined NPC that drops charms frequently. 100 charms during the allotted time is an average amount. The time averages out to two minutes every three shards. Logging out freezes the timer. RuneScape players get a 5 minute and one minute warning. Dave.)

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