Making Money in Runescape P2P

Making Money in Runescape P2P

Everyone loves, and everyone needs gold. Most things in Runescape revolve around gold, so everyone is looking for new, more creative, and more effective ways to make gold. I’ve played Runescape for years and I’ve been around the block a few times, so I have firsthand experience with making money in Runescape. This is the third article I’ve written about making money in Runescape. You can find the original here. This article is dedicated to helping Runescape members with their money making problems. Let’s make some gold! Method 1: Woodcutting. Everyone you know on Runescape and every guide you’ve ever read has probably told you to woodcut for money, but that’s because it works. People need logs for firemaking, fletching, quests, and more. The best sellers are maple, yew, and magic logs. You can easily cut maples in Seer’s Village, and yews behind Varrock Castle. One of the best places to cut magic logs is in the gnome stronghold. I recommend cutting yews once you have level 70 woodcutting or higher, otherwise you won’t be as efficient.

Method 2: Killing Chaos Druids. Chaos druids are known to consistently drop valuable herbs, and are therefore a good opportunity for money making. You will need some magic resistant armor (dragonhide), a good weapon, and maybe a little bit of food. Head to Edgeville bank and store the stuff you don’t need, then head south into the ruins. Go into the dungeon, head north, then east, then north to the Wilderness Door. Head through the gate and then head west. Begin mass murdering druids. Use the price checker to see how much the herbs they drop are worth. If they aren’t worth over a few thousand coins they probably aren’t worth holding on to. Once your inventory is full, head back to the bank and store your loot. Make sure that you don’t clean the herbs, as grimy herbs are worth more money. Remember to watch for revenants, you are technically in the wilderness.

Method 3: Killing Green Dragons. Here’s where things get fun. For this method you’ll need good armor, a good weapon, and an anti dragonfire or dragonfire shield. Dragonhide will work, and most dragon weapons work pretty well. You will also need a decent amount of food; preferably lobsters or better. You can also bring runes for high alchemy if you want. Please note: This method is dangerous and if you aren’t careful you could be killed by dragons or revenants. The dragons are level 79, therefore a combat level of over 85 is recommended. My personal favorite spot for killing these is in level 12 14 wilderness north of the goblin village and southwest of the Dark Warrior’s Fortress. you can use your map to get there. Once there, begin killing dragons. If there are too many people there or someone is using a cannon you may want to switch worlds. The main purpose of killing the dragons is to pick and sell the bones and/or dragonhide. The bones are worth more than the hide, so you may want to leave the hide. The dragons also regularly drop items that can you make you a profit with high alchemy, and if you get really lucky they may drop some valuable items like a rune kiteshield or a dragon spear. Once you run out of food or your inventory is full, head back to Edgeville bank and restock.

A Simple Guide to Making Money on Runescape

A Simple Guide to Making Money on Runescape

When you have found t.


To make money with dragons you will have to go in the Wilderness and head north until you find dragons. When you have found them make sure that you can kill them and that you have an anti dragon shield on. Once you have done that then kill them and pick up everything that they give you (they will give you big bones for sure and green d’hides and some other random but good things). Kill them until you either have almost no health left or you have a full inventory. When one of these things happens then go sell you wares on the GE (Grand Exchange) for the market price (you will get 339gp for big bones and I don’t know how much for a green d’hide).

MAKING MONEY BY MININGlevel 30 70 mining

To make money by mining you have to get to a mine that has at least coal (it would help if you could go in the mining guild). When you are at your destination mine coal until you have 500 and sell it on the GE for the market price (usually around 177gp). You can also mine mithril ore, adamant ore and gold ore when you have a higher mining level for more money. Adamant ore: level 70 mining and sells for 1,014gp each Gold ore: level 50 mining and sells for 501gp each Mithril ore: level 55 mining and sells for 264gp each coal ore: level 30 mining and sells for 177gp each clay: level 1and sells for 99 101gp each.

How to Make Money in RuneScape for Non

How to Make Money in RuneScape for Non

How to Make Money in RuneScape (for Non Members)

Are you bankrupt or all tied up for money? Do you want a very easy way to make money in RuneScape? If so, you are reading the right article! If you’re a non member, then read this.

Chickens are very easy and fast to kill. They are located north of Lumbridge, but there are many other places. Pick up their feathers, which can be sold 5 15 GP each!

Cows for low levels

Cows are slightly harder to kill than chickens, but give much more profit. They are found slightly northeast of Lumbridge, but there are many places to find them, as well. Pick up their hides and sell them for 100 150 GP each.

Hill Giants for amateurs

At around 45 combat, it should be easy to kill hill giants. First you need to purchase a brass key from the grand exchange to unlock the door east of the grand exchange. Kill them and pick up their big bones and sell them for 300 400 GP each!

Now that is how to make money with combat. Now I will tell you how to make money with fishing.

Making Money by FishingYou should have at least 30 fishing. First go to Port Sarim docks with 60 GP and a harpoon (for tune and swordfish) or a lobster pot (for fishing lobsters). Take a boat ride to Karamja for 30 GP. The dock on the bottom right of the island is where you will arrive. Go to the fishing spots around the smaller north dock. It shows fishing spot icons on that dock in the picture.

When you get a full inventory, then go back to where you arrived. Get a boat trip back to port Sarim for 30 GP. Bank the fish at the bank in Draynor which is east of port Sarim. Get another 60 GP and repeat the process.

Making Money by MiningNow, making money by mining can be really slow, but it can also be very profitable. All you do is mine ores and sell them. Iron ore is the fastest to gather and makes quite a lot of money. Each one sells for about 100 GP.

There are also players killing in the wilderness to get they’re items, but it is extremely dangerous.

Making Money by RunecraftingRunecrafting is very slow for making money. You have to finish rune mystery quests in order to runecraft. You need an air (or any other rune) talisman and you need some rune essence which can be mined by asking the head wizard in the wizards tower to teleport you to rune essence, or you can simply buy it. If you are buying it, you should calculate the profit just in case. I will give you the steps:

Making Money by SmithingSmithing is a very tedious way to make money, but with some effort, you can make millions. First mine some ores and melt them in a furnace. Then take your bars to an anvil with a hammer. Use the bar on the anvil and choose what you would like to smith.

Making Money by Cutting WoodWood cutting is the most popular way to make money for non members. Use the best hatchet you can use and afford. Chop down the highest level tree that you can chop down. Bank the logs and sell them when you have many. Once at 60 woodcutting, chop down yews. Each log is 500 600 GP each. Each inventory (28 logs) makes around 12K.