Runescape Mining Guide from 1

Runescape Mining Guide from 1

Now, we all know that we want money in Runescape, and to get better skills. They question is, witch skills get you the most money. Now, i have found out that the skill of mining is the fastest, and one of the best way’s to get money in Runescape. Now, i myself am a big fan of mining, and i support the skill very much, i am in a mining company called Runescape Mining co. you can check us out on the forums, or maybe on the clan chat Clan chat 90. Anyways, lets get back to the topic, mining, first of all to get millions of this skill, you are going to need at least level 40 to do this, and you must be a member. First of all, go to the gem mine in Shilo village, witch is on the island of Karamja. Now, go to the gem mine, and just mine gems all day, you should get just a few mill GP worth of gems in just that first day, and there, now you have your money. Now, let me now give you a guide to mining for non members to make up not telling you non members about getting money by mining. Although, you non members can still get cash by mining by just mining any ore.

Anyways, here is the guide, it can be used for both members and non members. First of all, mine copper from level 1 to 20, then mine iron from level 20 to 40, then mine silver, and iron from level 40 to level 65, then you can mine gold, iron, silver, coal, and mithril at the Al Kharid mine until level 85. After that, you can mine adamant an mithril all the way up to 99, then you can mine all the runite you want in the wilderness, or if you want, you can mine it at shilo village at Karamja, if you are member. Happy mining, i hope i helped, comment, like and see the other parts if you wish, pce out.

How to Make Money in RuneScape for Non

How to Make Money in RuneScape for Non

How to Make Money in RuneScape (for Non Members)

Are you bankrupt or all tied up for money? Do you want a very easy way to make money in RuneScape? If so, you are reading the right article! If you’re a non member, then read this.

Chickens are very easy and fast to kill. They are located north of Lumbridge, but there are many other places. Pick up their feathers, which can be sold 5 15 GP each!

Cows for low levels

Cows are slightly harder to kill than chickens, but give much more profit. They are found slightly northeast of Lumbridge, but there are many places to find them, as well. Pick up their hides and sell them for 100 150 GP each.

Hill Giants for amateurs

At around 45 combat, it should be easy to kill hill giants. First you need to purchase a brass key from the grand exchange to unlock the door east of the grand exchange. Kill them and pick up their big bones and sell them for 300 400 GP each!

Now that is how to make money with combat. Now I will tell you how to make money with fishing.

Making Money by FishingYou should have at least 30 fishing. First go to Port Sarim docks with 60 GP and a harpoon (for tune and swordfish) or a lobster pot (for fishing lobsters). Take a boat ride to Karamja for 30 GP. The dock on the bottom right of the island is where you will arrive. Go to the fishing spots around the smaller north dock. It shows fishing spot icons on that dock in the picture.

When you get a full inventory, then go back to where you arrived. Get a boat trip back to port Sarim for 30 GP. Bank the fish at the bank in Draynor which is east of port Sarim. Get another 60 GP and repeat the process.

Making Money by MiningNow, making money by mining can be really slow, but it can also be very profitable. All you do is mine ores and sell them. Iron ore is the fastest to gather and makes quite a lot of money. Each one sells for about 100 GP.

There are also players killing in the wilderness to get they’re items, but it is extremely dangerous.

Making Money by RunecraftingRunecrafting is very slow for making money. You have to finish rune mystery quests in order to runecraft. You need an air (or any other rune) talisman and you need some rune essence which can be mined by asking the head wizard in the wizards tower to teleport you to rune essence, or you can simply buy it. If you are buying it, you should calculate the profit just in case. I will give you the steps:

Making Money by SmithingSmithing is a very tedious way to make money, but with some effort, you can make millions. First mine some ores and melt them in a furnace. Then take your bars to an anvil with a hammer. Use the bar on the anvil and choose what you would like to smith.

Making Money by Cutting WoodWood cutting is the most popular way to make money for non members. Use the best hatchet you can use and afford. Chop down the highest level tree that you can chop down. Bank the logs and sell them when you have many. Once at 60 woodcutting, chop down yews. Each log is 500 600 GP each. Each inventory (28 logs) makes around 12K.

The Best Ways to Get Millions of GP in Runescape

The Best Ways to Get Millions of GP in Runescape

Getting millions of gold pieces will take time in the Runescape game, but there are some methods that work better than others. Everything in Runescape is about developing skils and making money off of them. Woodcutting and mining are two of the best skills to start at, so you can choose one of these to make at least your first 100,000. Once you get there, you can either continue making money through that skill or switch to an even more lucrative method, like merchanting or fighting other players on a Bounty Hunter world.

Start by getting an iron pickaxe, take it to the mine east of Varrock and start mining copper and tin. You can sell these ores if you want, but they won’t get you much money, and leveling up is your main objective for now. Powermining mining the ores then dropping them for inventory space is okay at this time. Once your mining level is 15, get a steel pickaxe and switch to mining iron at the same mine. This ore can sell at Varrock’s Grand Exchange for up to 100 GP each, so you can make 100,000 GP in a relatively short time.

Willow logs sell the best among all wood, but you must reach Level 30 to cut them. One of the best places to build your woodcutting level is near the bank in Draynor Village, especially since you can deposit the logs in the bank for your own use. Once you’re at Level 15, switch to cutting oak trees; these logs can get you some money to start with, so take a break from cutting to sell the logs at the Grand Exchange once you have a lot of them. Once you reach Level 30 and can cut willows, this is where you can start making real money. They only sell for around 18 GP each, but you acquire them very fast, so the speed it will take you to reach 100,000 GP is about the same as with mining.

To make money in player versus player mode, you must log your account into a Runescape Bounty Hunter world; you have to be in the Wilderness or Edgeville to do this. You need decent armor like adamant or mithril but something you can afford to lose should you get killed. A rune scimitar is one of the best weapons to have. You also need food to replenish energy; lobsters are among the best to carry. Fighting other players alone can net you more gold, but you risk getting overmatched by a group of players. Look for low level players separated from groups to target. If you join a group, follow the party leader’s advice on who to target. The amount of money you get from a killed player is somewhat random but is influenced by how strong the opponent was and how long you’ve been in the wilderness. If you’re able to consistently kill other players and increase your combat level, you can reach a million GP in a few hours.

You can merchant items in Runescape through the Grand Exchange. This has become much easier thanks to the game’s new tool for tracking items in the Grand Exchange and seeing if their value is going up or down. Go to the “Game Guide” drop down menu on the game’s main page and select “Grand Exchange.” With this tool, you can use the Grand Exchange much like the stock market. Find the items that are decreasing in value and buy them while the price is low. Wait until those items go back up in value and then sell them for a profit.

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