How to Run Faster on RuneScape

How to Run Faster on RuneScape

Having the ability to run fast is part of the Agility skill in “RuneScape,” a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Agility is a member skill, requiring you to have a membership in order to train the skill. Nonmembers can run fast, but for only a short period of time. The higher your Agility level, the longer you can run fast and the faster your energy recovers. The weight of your character determines the amount of energy you lose while running. To reduce your weight, remove armor and items in your inventory or use weight reducing clothing such as a spotted cape and boots of lightness.

Drink an energy or super energy potion. Energy potions are player made potions that quickly restore run energy. You can purchase energy or super energy potions from the Grand Exchange or by making the potions with the Herblore skill. To create an energy potion, you must have a level 26 Herblore, harralander, chocolate dust and a vial of water. To create a super energy potion, you must have a level 52 Herblore, avantoe, mort myre fungus and a vial of water. An energy potion restores 20 percent of your run energy and a super energy potion restores 40 percent.

Musicians are located throughout “RuneScape.” Musicians restore energy many times faster than resting. Look for the musician icon on your mini map. The icon symbolizes a music symbol.

There are many other items available to restore your run energy. Items such as strange fruit, white tree fruit, summer pie and a mint cake restore run energy immediately after consuming the item.

If you have completed the “As a First Resort” quest, you can use the Oo’glog salt water pool to have maximum run energy for 10 to 30 minutes. The minute allotment is random.

RuneScape unknown money making method Oo

RuneScape unknown money making method Oo

The attached kebbit hat making secrets slideshow gives the full money making guide in pictures. Viewing the slideshow therefore, is strongly recommended as the full details of this money making method are shown both in text and picture.

RuneScape players need to have completed As a First Resort quest to have access to the features in Oo’glog. Most RuneScape players either have already completed this quest or have the requirements to do so.

RuneScape players should attempt to buy the fur as low as possible, if the fur isn’t selling then let the offer sit at 5% above the guide price. The limit is 100 fur every four hours. RuneScape players, therefore, should be prepared to have a grand exchange slot dedicated for snagging the fur. If fur is buying slowly, it may take a while to accumulate enough.

When selling the hats, do not sell below the guide price unless it is a downward market. The reason is, the hats are in low demand so in most cases they will buy over time even in a rising market. This also allows for pricing at 5 25% over the guide price and making sales from desperate players who have to have a hat.

RuneScape players gain no experience with this money making method. Consider hunting common kebbit, hunting razor backed kebbit, making herb farming runs, and profitable high alching to gain experience while making money.

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