Heavensward of Final Fantasy XIV Shows up with Authority Benchmark

It is to envision how your PC runs FFXIV. The official benchmark programming applies the genuine maps and playable characters to give a score to the PC alongside its rate of performance. There is the inclusion of a character permitting the gamer to view playable characters, as they would come out in the game. The gamers can go for gain FF14 Gil at the online store to alternate the process of grinding Gil for time being. As the gamer becomes accustomed to the game setting, he or she can act well in grinding Gil. However, both seasoned campaigners along with novice gamers also prefer buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in their dire need.

Showing up the support of high definition at Benchmark of Heavensward

Including the standard 1280×720 pixel presentation, the benchmark also provides the support of a 1920×1080 high definition presentation. It is to enjoy having every crisp detail of the stunning kingdom of Eorzea. Other than Direct X 9 edition, the software also integrates a Direct X 11 benchmark with the developed graphics performance. The requirements of Direct X 11 are differentiated from those for Direct X 9.

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introduction of new playable race, Au Ra in Heavensward, the first expansion of FFXIV

The making of character tool provides the gamers the opportunity to choose the new Au Ra playable race in the benchmark. After making the ideal character, the looking data can be saved for the application while making the characters in the retail edition. The high-quality surrounding sound finishes the experience. It wraps the players in the inspiring music along with the atmospheric effects of FINAL FANTASY XIV. It provides the multilingual supports integrating French, German, Japanese, and English. Relying upon the resident software and hardware of the system, it becomes possible that FINAL FANTASY XIV would not run optimally if the computer needs the minimum requirements. Hence, it is advisable to apply this benchmark software to check the system prior to buying the product. This software is not a trial edition. It is to be cautious that one cannot play FFXIV applying this software. Buy FFXIV Gil online now.

To execute the ffxiv-heavensward-bench.exe, file is to introduce a splash page; it is to be trailed by the window of programming permit understanding. On the off chance that the PC does not execute the prerequisites of the strategy to run the benchmark, the system is to close. There is a notice that is to incite the player to manage the screen determination or different settings in the event that it regards essential. It is savvy to survey the official benchmark programming of FFXIV Heavensward to guarantee whether the PC satisfies the prerequisites of framework or not.

The New Players are Important to Final Fantasy XV

FFXIV 3.1 Patch Notes(Leaked)

In order to streamline the Duty Finder interface at ffxivgillive.com, selecting any Duty Roulette will now place you in a queue for The Tam-Tara Deepcroft.Ceremonies of Eternal Bonding can no longer take place between male and female player characters.

FFXIV Gil Astrologian’s Bole, Balance, Arrow, Spear, Spire and Ewer cards have been replaced by an UNO deck, for long Duty Finder queue times.
Lalafell player characters have had their bedtimes extended from 8:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.
Due to widespread reports of Arcanists having fun, Deathflare has been replaced by Bio III.
Machinist weaponskill sound effects have been replaced with samples of lead developer Yoshida going “pew pew” into a microphone.
Monk’s chakra abilities can now be used as cross-class skills by Ninjas, but only when wearing a special orange jumpsuit.
In response to complaints about distracting visual effects on the new Dark Knight class, Dark Knight skills will now cause a BSoD for other nearby players on use.

Bard has been temporarily removed from the game. Keep an eye out this Fall for Final Fantasy XIV: Dancing All Night. Glamours have been removed from the game. You can all thank the guy in the mankini.

Win Transition Art Contest of Heavensward with Cheap FFXIV Gil

From the official website of Final Fantasy XIV, there is a Transition Art Contest of Heavensward in game. The time is from Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. (PDT) to Friday, August 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. (PDT). It is time for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward players to prepare the enough FFXIV Gil. Now ffxivgillive.com is hot selling Final Fantasy XIV Gil with at least a 5% discount for all the customers. And customers who have successfully placed the orders on ffxivgillive.com will have the opportunity to share a $1000 free Gold every day.

It is said that The Warrior of Light had made an important transformation, and he had shed his battle-scarred warrior armor for a fancy new suit of dragoon armor. Then the Final Fantasy XIV team wants to know what kind of transformation the players have undergone or did they switch their main arm of choice for another to aid Ishgard. Or if the players would rather to have a changed a completely new look.

The Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward want to see how players have changed by putting their artistic skills to the test for their Heavensward Transition Art Contest. The exciting news is that all approved artworks’ owner can choose one or four in-game items and the developer team will select five of the best artworks that best show the character’s transition. The five best artwork winners can gain the prize of a FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN THE ART OF EORZEA -ANOTHER DAWN- art book signed by Director & Producer Naoki Yoshida and Art Director Kazuya Takahashi. The award items of this contest include Bluebird Earring in-game item, Mandragora Choker in-game item, Ahriman Choker in-game item, and Scarf of Wondrous Wit in-game item.

The FFXIV team is really looking forward to seeing the changes that the gamers have experienced, and now just take part in FFXIV to show your transformation. Do not forget to buy cheap FFXIV Gil on ffxivgillive.com.