Ugliest sheep? Inter state of Europe’s first line of defense the best start in 49 years

With Inter Milan five straight to take over 15 minutes, continue to dominate the championship, Inter fans is naturally overjoyed. But ut coin traders the Italian media have begun to set off a round of shelling against Inter, on the grounds that the Nerazzurri into the mainstream of the European leagues, the ugliest leader! Take a look at the other five major league leader: Manchester City in the Premier League with 12 goals scored 6 war, field goals are two goals. La Liga Real Madrid, scored 13 goals five games, averaging 2.6 goals. Bundesliga Bayern, 6 Battle scored 20 goals, averaging 3.33 goals. French side Paris Saint-Germain, averaging 1.86 goals there.


But the Serie A Inter Milan do? 5 games buy fifa coins into the six goals it, averaging 1.2 goals ratio not only can not be compared with other league leaders, even ordering all 98 in five major league teams, the goals can only be ranked River. Therefore, the Italian media used a word to describe Inter: noiosa (boring, boring, lackluster). An interesting sidelight, the reporters after the game to say the words in front of Mancini, Inter coach at the time angered: “Every game is very difficult in Italy, only a few can win the game while winning there! style there are a few teams can play like Barcelona as “Mancini’s meaning is clear:!? Inter Milan is not Barcelona, ​​not European champions Inter Milan. Inter are a team league last season, the eighth, and began to rebuild now, has been able to win very joyful thing, Inter want to win but also to win the all-powerful, hearty? This is not unreasonable! Fortunately, the Inter though weak attack problems do exist, but there is a capacity Nerazzurri, regarded as the best of the current state of Europe, this is the defense. In five major league, the Premier League team lost the ball the least, is 6 battle Manchester City lost two goals, averaging 0.33 goals conceded.


Bundesliga clean sheet with ut traders minimal loss of six war three goals in Bayern Munich, averaging 0.5 goals conceded. French goals conceded team, is averaging 0.33 goals conceded in Lille. Inter Milan 5 down only lost a ball, throw the ball, averaging 0.2! Inter’s defense state, windy five major league teams in 98 of 96, just throw a ball the same five La Liga Real Madrid, Inter Milan side by side with the state of Europe’s best defenses. In Italy, we know that “offensive can only win reputation, the defense can produce good results.” Inter’s tenacious defense, it also brings an excellent record for the Nerazzurri: the second since 1966, after a lapse of 49 years, Inter finally once again able to achieve five straight start! But it notes that the 1966 Inter made a start 7-game winning streak, but that season, the Nerazzurri ultimately only the runner-up only. Inter good news is that the Nerazzurri start to triumph in the same time, several major state race three opponents are not too good. In direct loss to Inter in the derby, AC Milan, 5 got 9 points relative performance is fairly good team, but also less Inter six points. Rome Inter Milan is less than 7 points. Inter Milan Napoli less than 9 points.


Juventus 5 get 5 points, 10 points less than the full Inter. Such points gap, although not enough to decide the league early in the season on the trend pattern, but last season’s dismal record for the Nerazzurri, this is a shot in the arm, can greatly enhance the morale of the team captains, self-confidence and ambitions. Inter Main Xituoxier said: “start to win five straight is incredible ,, team is in desperate fight every inch of the court before they can win, we must maintain this focus, continue to maintain this spirit of struggle and sacrifice spirit. If we can do that, we will also be able to chase a better state. But if we can not, then the state of the team could nosedive. ”


Tuoxi Er saw the essence of the problem: Inter current organization, offensive, technical content and game content, can not be regarded as a champion level, only the defense can say is to play well. But Inter’s defense is based on the team’s running fierce strict tactical discipline. If Inter captains called start to get high, normal children want to play big, want less to run it, then Inter Milan lost defensive weapon, it is difficult to guarantee results. Conversely, if Inter can continue today’s fighting spirit, so have a solid defense, why the Nerazzurri can not dream more? Click here

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