by the international crude mut coins

by the international crude oil price fluctuations, steam, diesel prices mut coins down 2.1% and 2 .4%. from the year June, CPI rose 1.5%, or flat with the previous month. Non mut coins prices rose 2.2%, CPI rose about 1.73 percentage points. Among them, medical and health education services prices rose 5.7%, prices rose 3.2%, housing buy madden mobile coins rose 2.5%. mut coins prices fell by 1.2%, CPI decreased by about 0.24 percentage points., pork and egg prices fell more, the decline was 16.7% and 9.3%, the total impact of CPI fell 0.56 percentage mut coins; fresh fruit and fresh vegetable because of the relatively low base in the same month last year, prices rose 9.9% and 5.8%, the total impact of CPI rose 0.28 percentage points. mut coins to estimates, in June 1.5% rose in Qiaoweiyinsu last year mut coins in the price of about 1.2 percentage points, the new price factors of about 0.3 percentage points.In June, mut coins food and energy, core CPI rose 2.2%, rose 0.1 percentage points last month to expand. Industrial producer prices fell slightly narrowed, rose with the previous month from the mut coins, June PPI continued to decline,