Runescape Mining Guide from 1

Runescape Mining Guide from 1

Now, we all know that we want money in Runescape, and to get better skills. They question is, witch skills get you the most money. Now, i have found out that the skill of mining is the fastest, and one of the best way’s to get money in Runescape. Now, i myself am a big fan of mining, and i support the skill very much, i am in a mining company called Runescape Mining co. you can check us out on the forums, or maybe on the clan chat Clan chat 90. Anyways, lets get back to the topic, mining, first of all to get millions of this skill, you are going to need at least level 40 to do this, and you must be a member. First of all, go to the gem mine in Shilo village, witch is on the island of Karamja. Now, go to the gem mine, and just mine gems all day, you should get just a few mill GP worth of gems in just that first day, and there, now you have your money. Now, let me now give you a guide to mining for non members to make up not telling you non members about getting money by mining. Although, you non members can still get cash by mining by just mining any ore.

Anyways, here is the guide, it can be used for both members and non members. First of all, mine copper from level 1 to 20, then mine iron from level 20 to 40, then mine silver, and iron from level 40 to level 65, then you can mine gold, iron, silver, coal, and mithril at the Al Kharid mine until level 85. After that, you can mine adamant an mithril all the way up to 99, then you can mine all the runite you want in the wilderness, or if you want, you can mine it at shilo village at Karamja, if you are member. Happy mining, i hope i helped, comment, like and see the other parts if you wish, pce out.

RuneScape F2P Strength Pure Guide

RuneScape F2P Strength Pure Guide

Rush through tutorial island, don’t bother getting 3 strength and attack, it’s much quicker to get it on the mainland.

As soon as you get into Lumbridge head to the chicken coop, slightly north and train attack to 5, collect the feathers but DO NOT bury any bones; you could do without the extra combat levels. Once you have 5 attack head to Zeke’s scimitar shop in Al Kharid and buy a steel scimitar for around 400 500gp. Scimitar’s are going to be your new best friend, as they mix strength and speed brilliantly. Now that you have your scimmy head back to Lumbridge and start slaughtering them cows until 20 attack and strength, collect their hides and beef, hides are worth about 100gp each and beef is a simple way to raise your cooking, which is pretty handy in the long run.

I recommend you buy a mithril scimitar now and complete the ‘Vampire Slayer’ quest, as it gives a sweet 4.8k attack experience! I suggest you take some decent food when attempting to kill the level 34 Vampire, and don’t forget your hammer, stake and garlic!

Now, your off to the Monastery, west of Edgeville, to begin the long, tedious training with monks all the way up to level 40 attack and strength. Once you get there, you’ll need about 25k. Personally I recommend air running on world 16, it’s quick and simple, check out the thread on the Official Runescape Forums for more information. Once you’ve got the money you can finally buy that rune scimitar!

Enjoying your rune scimmy? Well, don’t get too excited, as you’ve still got a lot of training to go. Flesh Crawlers on the second floor of the Stronghold Of Security are good from now until all the way up to level 60 strength and beyond, as they yield 100xp per kill. But be wary, there are many players out to get you, but, with experience, you’ll be pwning them in no time!

Crafting Tips for Runescape

Crafting Tips for Runescape

It costs $5.00 a month to be a member. Runescape has 23 different skills that you can work on: Attack, Defense, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Cooking, Woodcutting, Fletching, Fishing, Firemaking, Crafting, Smithing, Mining, Herblore, Agility, Thieving, Slayer, Farming, Runecraft, Hunter and Construction. There is also many quests that you can do; which are mini adventures that when successfully completed give cool rewards, like: experience in certain skills, special armour, or open up new areas of the map in the members areas. In this article, I am going to discuss the skill of crafting. It is a fun and profitable skill; you can make many useful and valuable items. You can also earn money by selling items that you have crafted. To become ranked in any skill you must be at least level 30 in that skill AND be in the top 1,000,000 of all players [ there are something like 5,000,000 players] in the skill, experience points wise. Once you are ranked in a skill; if you go to the “Hiscores” link on the Runescape main page and enter your screen name [player name] you will see your score and rank. Until you are ranked in a skill it will not show in Hiscores.

Now to give you some advice on getting ranked.

Some of the first typo of crafting that you might want to try is pottery; which is making items from clay. You can make a pot that will hold flour at level 1; it will give you 6.3 experience points for spinning, and another 6.3 points for firing; so each pot you make gives you 12.6 xp [experience points]. Once you make level 7 you can make a pie dish; you get 15 xp for spinning it and another 10 for firing it; for 25 points for each pie dish you make. Level 8 lets you make bowls; with 18 xp for spinning and 15 for firing; 33 total. Level 19 you can make plant pots [these are used in farming to start trees in] you get 20 xp for spinning; and 17.5; 37.5 total xp. At level 25 you can make pot lids; they give 20 xp for spinning and 20 xp for firing; 40 total; however you must start the “One Small Favour” quest to be able to make these.

You can dye capes. You get the capes when you kill highwaymen. Capes can be dyed red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, and green.

You can spin using a spinning wheel; there are many spinning wheels located across Runescape; you can spin wool and flax at low levels. You get wool from shearing sheep; shears are available for a few dollars in the General Store. Then just click the “use” option for the shears and then click on a sheep. Get a backpack full of raw wool from the sheep and then go to the spinning wheel and spin it into balls of wool. Balls of wool are useful to string amulets. Amulets can be enchanted by magic to have special powers to help you.

Another type of crafting is leather work; there is normal leather and hard leather. To get started go kill cows, lots of them. You can just take the hides; or while you are there already, go ahead and bury the bones; as it will raise your prayer experience. Once you get your hides; you need to take them to a tanner and pay the very small fee to have them tanned. There are tanners in Al Kharid and Canifis; and also in the Crafting Guild and the Ranging Guild [but you have to be a certain level to be able to use the guilds]. Normal leather costs 1 gold piece to be tanned; and hard leather costs 3 gp [gold piece] each.

Next go to the crafting shop in either Al Kharid or Rimmington and buy a needle and a bunch of thread. Use the needle and thread on the leather to make leather items. At level 1 you can make gloves; level 7 boots; level 9 cowls; level 11 vambraces; level 14 leather body; level 18 chaps; level 28 hard leather body; level 38 coif; level 41 studded leather body or studded leather chaps.

You can craft gold jewelry; specifically 3 kinds of jewelry: rings, necklaces, and amulets. The jewelry if you add a gem to them can be enchanted by magic; to do special things, such as teleporting you somewhere or give you special powers. Use a chisel on an uncut gem to cut it before you use it in jewelry. You will also need a mould; there is ring mould, a necklace mould, and an amulet mould. To craft the jewelry, take gold bars, the mould of your choice and the cut gems to a furnace and use them on the furnace to make your item.

You can also do silver crafting and make holy symbols, and unholy symbols, sickles, tiaras and such. Just smelt your silver ore into a silver bar and then use the silver bar and a mould for what you want to make on a furnace.

See part 2 of my crafting tips for Runescape. These fees can be around $12 $15 per month. But there are some online games out there, that are high quality that are free.