in the Dalaran card plus, open the Surama night elves task line

to Surama series of tasks until the prestigious, complete the joint forces, open the world mission. 3, the world task is the main equipment and artifact energy source, (Click to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
complete the daily ambassador task box reward, is one of the sources of orange. 4, open the broken beach task line, complete the beach after the completion of the world’s mission and can enjoy the broken beach building benefits, as well as rare elite for kill. 5, access to a large number of materials, professional hall resources can be used for professional hall building upgrades, artifact knowledge level research, in exchange for coin, etc., related to huge consumption. If you do not rely on hard work to get the enjoyment, will soon become boring, dull 1, the daily invasion of the task will do, each invasion to provide about 2000 pieces of debris, in the broken beach in exchange for 850 + Brave equipment, 400 one. 2, the auction house to buy 850 manufacturing equipment (can be upgraded,(Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
but the need to upgrade the pre-Sa blood is not enough, you need to buy the complicated operation of the road mark), or a copy of the fall of the binding, according to financial strength and line. 3, the world boss dropped 860, broken beach world boss dropped 900. 4, the world’s task equipment will be upgraded with your equipment and upgrade, it is recommended to complete the first three steps to complete the equipment to provide the world’s mission, to provide a very Easy to use the world task plugin, WorldQuestsList. Of course, is to find a new trade union, and see Raiders, research and research techniques, do not lie dead boss, after all, no relatives and friends, not Warcraft. 7.25 version 200 mount collection experience: 4 months the number of mounts from 25 to 215 _ World of Warcraft
Preface: I was 80 years old players later to 90 AFK, and probably in April this year to see someone else wanted to come back to see. After the game is still familiar with the screen, but things are people. Good base friends are gone, those equipment has also been outdated, so initiation of the idea of ??brush mounts. Because the equipment can only play a version, mounts can be a permanent collection. Until now more than four months to complete the 200 mount achievements. The recent card is due to expire, and do not want to have no friends to play with the feeling of playing like a single machine as boring, the liver does not move. So want to do a quick brush mount experience, to share more like to brush the horse’s friends. Here to thank the wind to provide the collection of manuals, as well as those online free of charge to provide Raiders friends, gave me a lot of help. There are many such online Raiders, I just based on my personal practice system to get the ride efficiently. First talk about my personal configuration: 3 full size; 3 103 demon hunter trumpet; 6 80-85 trumpet. (The first month in the familiar play, engage in equipment, training the new number, the horse is able to take, during a week there is no time on the line, the real brush ride time should be considered more than 2 months, the average daily time 4- 6 hours.) You can see the timetable of my hair from 25 mounts to 200 mounts takes 4 months and 6 days, and as of August 19, Prerequisites: human full level Master 1 (human brush reputation with bonus, Master ignoring the slag CD you understand); full level of a small German (small German CD only 0.5 seconds, land, sea and air are free to fly , The application of the task to achieve the limited number of mounts); recommended two camps have two full-scale large (collection of stone to the ordinary players to the great convenience, brush more horse mounts, when you want to brush a version of the achievements Mounts can be linked to the collection of stone shouting people, lifted the restrictions on the district service because the achievements of the riding regiment is not always have time, so the two camps have the number of achievements to join the team more likely, and now the achievements are both sides of the battle network account synchronization There is a number can be complementary; but the completion of a certain accomplishment conditions must be completed that account alone); the last non-essential conditions: the greater the more the better (brush copy of the horse, the number is the last word). Said so many have not yet to the text, you spectators want to say, then start here!
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Runescape 99 Woodcutting Guide

Runescape 99 Woodcutting Guide

SummaryLet’s face it: Woodcutting is probably one of the most boring skills in Runescape. Nothing is less enthralling than clicking on trees for two hundred hours to reach 99 woodcutting, and even once you get there, it seems to be one of the most common skill capes around. That said, it is important to realize that the mere process of reaching 99 woodcutting can easily net tens of millions in profits from logs alone, not to mention bird’s nests if you’re a nonmember.

Starting out (Levels 1 15)Relish the rapid pace at which you gain levels here. It will never happen again. It won’t take a lot to get from level one to fifteen, and I recommend chopping down normal trees just to the east of Draynor Village’s bank. The trip length is very short, and you can simply bank the logs at Draynor for use in either fletching or firemaking later. (It is unlikely that you will be able to sell these on the GE for any reasonable price. Last I checked, the market was flooded with this stuff.

Oak Logs (Levels 15 30)By now, you’ve probably noticed that there are some oak logs east of the Draynor bank mixed in with the normal ones. There is no benefit to waiting until level 20 to chop these down, since level one logs are worthless, and the failure rate for oak logs isn’t very high at level 15 anyway. Chop these bad boys down until you hit level 30.

Willow Logs (Levels 30 45/60)Even though you’re now on your third tier of timber felling mastery, no location change is yet necessary. You’ll notice that to the south of Draynor bank, by the shore, there are TONS of willow trees. Sadly, there are also TONS of people. Despite the crowded nature of this area, however, these willow logs provide the best raw experience / hour in the game. If you’re planning on powering to level 99 woodcutting as fast as you can, with no regard given to profits, you may as well stay here till 99. (I do NOT recommend this, as willows are only slightly faster than yews in terms of experience, and will probably never make you any money at all.)

One thing to note is that at level 31, it’s finally worth your time to buy a better hatchet. Bronze was fine for normal and oak logs, where there was little competition, but now you’re locked in bloodless combat with other folks over possession of Draynor’s willow logs, and a bronze axe is really not going to cut it. It goes without saying, buy a rune one at level 41 woodcutting. It’s absolutely essential, since it gives a much higher acquisition rate than anything you’ve seen so far.

If you’re a nonmember, stick around here till level 60. I did it, it’s not that bad. Experience comes quickly, but willow logs cannot be AFK trained. The trees fall too quickly, and the bank trips are too frequent to usefully AFK.

Maple Logs (Levels 45 60, members only)Don’t bother with them. Seriously. Willows are still better experience over time. You can go chop these down if you get sick of the crowds at Draynor. Seers Village is probably the best place to chop these if you’re so inclined; they’re everywhere.

Yew Logs (Levels 60/75 99)Here you have to evaluate your priorities. If you’re using Woodcutting as an AFK training skill, you should probably switch to yews at level 60. If you’re more interested in optimizing your moneymaking with this skill, keep cutting down willows until level 75. From 60 75, yews are painfully slow, but are excellent AFK training, now that Jagex has removed the Ent random event. (I lost many a hatchet to that nonsense.)

Once you reach level 61, if you’re serious about woodcutting, and if you’re a member, invest in a dragon hatchet. I realize that they are extremely pricey, and probably more than you can afford if you’re reading this guide, but it’s worth it. They have a 20% faster chop rate than the rune hatchet, which will pay huge dividends in time and money by the time you reach 99.

After reviewing the various yew tree locations on the world map, I’ve narrowed the list down to two best chopping locations. If you’re a member, go to the tree gnome fortress north of Ardougne. Off to the west of the west bank, there are three yew trees near each other. Stay here until 99 woodcutting. On the other hand, if you’re a free gamer, go to edgeville. In spite of the large crowds at peak hours, this really is the best and easiest place to train at. If you go anywhere else, you’re only harming yourself by accepting hideously long bank trips.

A few words on Magic and Eucalyptus LogsMagic logs are not worth training on. Once you’re in your 90s, they make for slightly higher profit / time than yew logs, and are marginally more AFKable. However, the bank trips are horrendously long, so I recommend staying away from these.

I have not done extensive research with respect to Eucalyptus logs, though a friend of mine claimed that he got comparable monetary returns from chopping eucs, as well as about 12% more experience per hour.

Runescape 99 Woodcutting Guide

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Athena Love 4 years ago

Thanks! Totally awesome!

watapro 3 years ago

horriblie guide, sorry i got to say that.

first off, once you get 30 wc, you have to make a choice, if yr planning to not go for 99 wc, and want to make cash off willows then stop wc, you should chop at draynor. but for most people that are reading this guide, i doublt that is the case.

if you are going to 99 there is absolutly no point in cutting willows for profit, because they bring in next to no cash compared to yew and mages. instead you should find a place that has some willows and wc there. i woodcutted just north of the chicken farm across river lum (i think that is what it is called) tha is inbetween the way to varrok from lumbridge. here there are 3 willows, and here there is always a tree standing that u can chop. lots of the time you can even get the place to your self if you go to the right world. there are no banks close. so you wont be makiung every profit off this, but you will soon. with the logs you can eathier drop them or burn them to get your firemaking up (thats what i did)

next. i agree that you shouldnt start yews at 60. i did and it was my biggest mistake. the xp is horrible and you get so few logs that you dont make that much cash. i woould recomend getting your level to 65 or 70 wc before you attempt yews. DONT DO WILLOWS ALL THE WAY TO 99 IF YOU ARE MEM(read ivy below)

when you do start chopping yews, another good place where there is 3 yews, really close together and close to a bank is the 3 yews in the northern part of the varrok castle. you would bank at the GE, a short bank walk. the only problem is that this place is overpopulated in free worlds, but it is one of the best place if you are f2p.