Sogou input fifa 18 coins method

Sogou input method, then 4 to 500 million players are Sina micro-blog and fifa 18 coins search, high moral map is ranked 10. the top ten are BAT APP continuation of contract situation, the Tencent fifa 18 coins and Ali respectively won 4 seats, while Baidu has 2 APP on the list. The number of Tencent is dominant, Ali showed stronger growth. Ten the growth rate of APP, alipay, Sina micro-blog, fifa 18 coins German map, Taobao mobile phone respectively to 11.3%, 8.6%, 7% and 6.4% growth rate swept the top four. fifa 18 coins believe that the first week of August, two mobile fifa 18 coins giant Alipay and WeChat payment launched a fierce “cashless” war, and launched a line of mobile payment activities of large-scale subsidies this tit for tat mobile payment fifa 18 coins activities contributed directly to the Alipay cognitive user end and fifa coins growth. IResearch data show that 2017Q1 Chinese third party mobile payment transactions fifa 18 coins 22 trillion and 700 billion yuan,