railway police cheap fifa 18 coins statistics

The “double” of sixth days holiday, Beijing railway station traffic high station on cheap fifa 18 coins ground security channel is fully open. According to the Beijing railway police statistics, by the end of cheap fifa 18 coins 6th, the police station for passengers recover lost baggage security or lost nearly a thousand in the train. The police hut coins that passengers carrying luggage cheap fifa 18 coins travel packages as far as quantitative zero, after the security check again to prevent expensive inventory, special goods lost or left behind to delay the trip. Holiday cheap fifa 18 coins passengers, carrying goods, Beijing South Railway Station security personnel implements a security channel 6 work fifa coins, and guide card controlled release, cheap fifa 18 coins correct items stacked on the screen with the crew observe, hand inspection staff on-site inspection and disposal of staff on-site disposal. According to the Beijing South cheap fifa 18 coins Station security personnel,