players experience God teach you to play low security

“World of Warcraft” live challenge program “run it! (Click to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
Foot men” in the August 27 this weekend just ended, the master of the gods to 880,870 or even 860 average equipment and other challenges to 15 layers of epic fist underground city and limited clearance, I believe this A scene also left a deep impression on everyone. The great gods who participated in the program not only left these wonderful games, the limit of the operation, but also contributed to their own experience in the epic fountain underground city experience. Today let us take a look at the “run it! Foot men” in the players to share the valuable experience, the great gods you play low security, 15 layers of customs clearance pressure! – conditional, mobs to kite. – the cruel affection of the Haya each time after changing the field of the first skill damage the highest, the name of the need to open the injured. (“Mountain five carved” sky) – a fast displacement of the occupation can escape the Fenrell’s flutter, to reduce the pressure on treatment. (“Liangshan hero” Arnold) – Heimdar fighting on the tank when the front swept the blood can be avoided. (“Mountain five carvings” sky) – God Wang Ke Wa Erde charge before the whole group to brush full of blood, blood dissatisfaction to open their own injury, the station to be scattered. – flash can escape the king of God charge. (“Four dishes and one soup” JC)  - in the battle with the fallen king Imiron, priority Aoe mobs to reduce the tank pressure. (“Four dishes and one soup” JC) – tough week lantern sailors hurt very high, open strange before the treatment and communication skills to cool a large skill. – the mobs on the deck have a variety of interrupted way, pure interruptions to the warrior strange fear of skills, plus blood can be dizzy, Arcane Torrent, Druid hair and other interrupted. – brutal afflicted haila in a stage to kill the destruction of the tentacles when the bloodthirsty. (Soul Driver blade) – Hella fighting a stage need to kill two destroy the tentacles, (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
four greedy tentacles, priority kill kill. – the whole copy of the most difficult mobs is “plate brother” peepers. You can use kite to avoid his release skills. (Soul Driver blade) – rock arrows read the article can be short or short, do not stand in front of a large rock strange attack. (“Mountain five carvings” sky) – Locko Mora during the fighting, mobs lower blood pressure, boss’s aoe damage the lower. – the end of the king Dagul will Daguai to the stone spiked on the lead, in order to get dizzy after the injury, pay attention to the dizziness after the first control, so as not to wake up the strange attack spike DPS career. (“Four dishes and one soup” JC) – tough afflicted bear monsters hurt very high, but the remote can stand outside the 30 yards output, will not be roared AOE skills damage, then kill as soon as possible. – ordinary tree demon will not give flowers back to the blood, but the heart of the guardian of the guard, may consider the blame, lock strange or set fire. (“Mountain five carvings” sky) – if the big Druid Grande Dales’s first charge in the stone and other obstacles, then no two assault, tanks can use terrain band. – tanks in De Salon Breath can hide under the boss body to avoid skills. (“Four dishes and one soup” JC) – tail king Savage shadow in 50% of the blood when reading a high damage skills, pay attention to open injury to avoid. (“Liangshan hero” sky) – the integration of the soul before the mobs can be treated by the shadow of the dodge strange, or drink invisible medicine to save people.
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