There are friends to Li Shuangfu nba 2k17 coins that is the news of joining Zhou Qi

There are friends to Li Shuangfu question that is the news of nba 2k17 coins Zhou Qi is not reliable? Li Shuangfu replied: “Not necessarily unreliable, since she can send, may also hear what the wind, but the NBA contract is a very nba 2k17 coins thing, there are many processes, so there are some variables from my personal observation, the week Qi signed no big problem, the key contract details. At present, Zhou Qi signed the Houston Rockets may be a matter of time sooner or later, after all, the Rockets for the Chinese market is very important, and Zhou Qi just won the CBA championship, with the landing NBA nba 2k17 coins standard, so now “big devil” week Qi landing NBA has no obstacles.

April 28, Xinjiang men’s basketball team Zhou Qi arrived in Houston this buy mt cheap, he will be in the United States for finger injury treatment, as well as in the nba 2k17 coins involved in personal training. As for Zhou Qi is about to sign the rocket, the current team has not clear the official news, Zhou Qi’s agent also said that no formal signing. Houston local basketball reporter forwarded Zhou Qi Chinese broker cold steel interview interview, Zhou Qi broker said: “Zhou Qi came to the United States is trained, we very much hope that he can sign with the nba mt now, which is what we expect. NBA expedition is Zhou Qi childhood dream, in the nba 2k17 coins of a formal signing before the contract is not really successful.Zhou Qi just ended a very successful CBA season to help the team won the championship.We hope he was trained in the United States Get better. ”

one of Westbrook one contribution to five 2k mt

Easy to battles, the first minute 58 seconds, Adams hand slip the ball, was Harden steals. 5 minutes 59 seconds, Robertson pass, Oradi wave one-third long shot hit. 9 minutes and 20 seconds, Adams shot in Harden foul, give the Rockets 2 free 2k mt. Thunder inside advantage is huge, this section grabbed 19 rebounds, including six offensive rebounds, one of Westbrook one contribution to five 2k mt, by virtue of the basket overclocking to get 5 points lead. Rockets third of the rain, the 2k mt this season to vote 13 three-pointers, but hit only 7.69%. Rockets hit the virtual coins nba 2k17 several times, won 11 free throws, penalty 10 goals, free throw percentage reached 90.91%. Three finished, the Thunder will go back to 77-72.

The fourth quarter, the first 3 minutes and 2 seconds, under the assists of Westbrook, Grant slander scored 2 2k mt. 4 minutes 35 seconds, Oradea wave mistakes, was Beverly steals. 11 minutes 48 seconds, Trevor Ariza shot in the West foul, give the Thunder a free throw opportunity. Thunder on the rebounds launched a crazy attack, this section grabbed 20 rebounds, including 14 offensive nba 2k17 mt seller, which Westbrook one contribution to four rebounds. Thunder third of the 2k mt, the team this section cast 10 three-pointers, but hit only 0.00%. Rockets hit the basket many times, won 19 free throws, penalty 16 goals, free throw percentage reached 84.21%. The end of the game, the Rockets to 105-99 victory over the thunder, to seal the victory.

George imposed heavily defensive when George holding nba mt coins ball

To the second game, virtual coins nba 2k17 Cavaliers intensified, George imposed heavily defensive: when George holding the ball, the Cavaliers will have a big man to leave the nba mt coins to wait for an opportunity; when George tried to pick and roll, nba mt coins knight will immediately use the double bag The folder will block all his scoring means; even when George to do nba mt coins wall, the knights will unconditionally double attack George, escorted Teague, Ellis, Stevenson and others outside shooting. At that time, George how hope that his teammates can hit those shots.Finally, he came to such a moment.

The game, the Pacers back home after the momentum of rainbow, morale. Walker first section of the head start, a few outside players have hit outside shooting, played a stunning hit rate. After two sighs in George, his nba mt coins finally returned to him a good nba 2k17 vc sale xbox one, when George did not force the Pacers to 37-27 lead defending champion 10 points to end the first section.