Opel Astra renewed completely

Opel concentrated on designing the new Astra five years, and fortunately did no more than repair the old one. Appearance streamlined sat, air resistance is now just 0.285, and cars also come into fashion slimming regimen was effective. From the previous model fell at its best at 200 pounds. Interior widened, despite the length, savings were almost five cents.
Sivuttaistila and space area improved in relation to the former. Foot There’s more room in the front and rear. Two Metric person can travel to the back of a standard sized male driver in the rear seat in a satisfactory manner. The driver or passengers paantilakin increased, although the novelty is lower than the previous 2.5 cents.
Astra dashboard is thoroughly modernized. The indicators have been clarified, the center of the badge of the jungle has been reduced and simplified, the screen is completely renovated. Smart phones will be available for both Apple and Android CarPlay Car systems performance car parts. Opel will also bring GM Europe’s OnStar service, with a single keystroke can be obtained at all times of the day human help and assistance of motoring. Finland OnStar service is obtained at the end of 2016.
Astra’s driving properties became a significant improvement, even though the wheelbase was shortened to 23 mm. The steering is now more stable and recover better. Available also became active lane departure warning, which warns the driver and holding autoakin between the lane markers on the freeway – at least as long as we dared to try.
As early as the previous Astra was quite quiet, and the new model will be in second place. Low air resistance ensures that the inside part of the extra suhinoita. The engine sounds are very well insulated and all of the presentation event driven engines Turbocharger attracted attention. Also kantautuminen the cockpit ring tones remained moderate in the Slovak Republic from time to time, gritty coatings.
Three-cylinder turbo engine with one liter of the test runs only available in manual transmission, but it will come to Finland also electronically controlled ECT transmission. ECT’s advantage is the norm for consumption of hand gearbox slightly lower scores. Unfortunately, we did not get to try the gearbox in practice.
Finnish speeds well enough small three cylinder engine turbo comes in early as around 1850 rpm, and the torque of the low rounds from a good level. The engine is actually more powerful than the 1.4-liter turbo edellismallin: the new engine turbocharger uk to find the acceleration to 80 km / h speed of 120 km / h een five seconds faster.
1.6-liter diesel marketed as “whisper” quiet it is. Diesel is flexible, and it is nice to drive a manual transmission because the torque will suffice for many situations.
More spacious interior, improved driving characteristics, superior efficiency and lower consumption engines, a broad alyvarustevalikoima, upholstery materials seem high quality. Everything shows involvement and entrepreneurship. C-segment is an important car manufacturer, and it can be sensed in the new Astra. The factory has put his best.