Curry cut 27 + 7 + 5 only 2 thirds difficult to turn the tide

Warriors game winning streak end! Bucks today’s game against the Warriors, Curry nba mt coins under the H-28 points, seven rebounds and five assists, three-pointers but only 2 of 8 shots, he hit two three-pointers also tied his season low. Curry repeatedly tried to turn the tide, but tired of the Warriors with 95 or more than 108 lost the game.

In yesterday’s game, when the Warriors and Kyle others fight double plus, where Curry played nearly 47 minutes, which he played most of the game this season. He was 9 of 27, shooting only 33.3 percent, to refresh his worst season-personal hit rate. Back to back games for today’s library is a big test.

The first section, weary Warriors to 7-16 behind. The same tired Curry to come forward, he hit two consecutive backhand layup, followed once again demonstrated thirds nirvana, a man hit a 7-0 climax. Section at the end, nba 2k 16 mt coins the Warriors trailed by 12 points, assists and Green Curry quick counter play 2 + 1, then re-shoot with great precision jumper. Curry single scored 13 points.

To protect Curry, Curry Section did not have much opportunity to play. Warriors have been 10-point deficit behind. Section III, Curry once again push a wave of counterattack. He suddenly changed to throw off the fast break in the letter brother, successfully won 2 + 1, followed by continuous assists Green and Thompson scored, the Warriors 9-1 spurt to catch the score only 1 point.

However, the Warriors team tired a person is not able to save Curry. Distal, Curry was third for the Braves continued life, 2k 16 coins reached after layup to make the Warriors just behind the other nine points. Unfortunately, the Warriors difficult to play smooth offensive qualities, and ultimately defeated the Warriors still to 95-108, winning streak end.
28 points, seven rebounds and five assists, yesterday after 47 minutes played, Curry played 35 minutes again, although he repeatedly tried to turn the tide, but in the end still alone is difficult. The defeat was not the end of the Warriors, Curry led the Warriors still have a chance to continue to create better results.