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and the young and poor family assistance in areas such as the multi Project. (reporter Lv Tianran) coins fifa academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of anthropology Chinese President Hao Shiyuan 16, said in Madrid, coins fifa Century, in fifa 18 ultimate team coins Italian Marco Polo traveled for 17 years, is the first record of Tibet belongs to the China Westerners. Spain is visiting Chinese Tibetan culture exchange coins fifa on the same day and the Madrid China cultural center jointly organized “into the Tibet culture and Tibetan Buddhism > lectures. Hao Shiyuan in Tibet to do the history and coins fifa quo of < > lectures that Marco Polo left this record in his famous” the travels of Marco Polo “:” ps4 fifa 18 coins area is a great state, residents have their own language and idolatry, but all coins fifa are Guiyuan emperor management “. Hao Shiyuan introduced by Westerners described on 1959 before the Tibet. He said, from 18 From the beginning of the 21st century, many coins fifa China Tibet described.1783, East India Company, Samuel Turner to Shigatse,