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Also have been to space? Of course I was, and fifa 18 coins one.” it is reported that the world’s first man-made earth satellite Sputnik 1 (sputnik-1) launched in October 4, 1957. This fifa 18 coins is spherical, diameter 58 cm, weight 83.6 kg, equipped with radio transmitters on battery work and 4 antenna. Sputnik 1 in orbit for 92 days, flying 1440 times around the earth, fifa 18 coins January 4, 1958 fall into the atmosphere burned. Millions of radio enthusiasts received it from space from the beep signal. The United coins fifa vice president Burns says 5 days, fifa 18 coins astronauts will return to the moon, to lay the foundation for the future of mankind to Mars and beyond. Burns said at the first meeting of the National Space Committee fifa 18 coins: “we will let us astronauts back to the moon, it is not only to (on the moon) leave footprints and flags, but also for the nhl 18 coins States astronauts to Mars and beyond to lay fifa 18 coins foundation.” Burns said,