All rivers run into mut coins

“All rivers run into sea, tolerance big shoulders.” leading the world economic mut coins is an important mission of G20, to maintain the open world economy is its consistent commitment over the past mut coins than 10 years, but also an important way to promote economic growth. Inclusive development direction of opening up, the world madden mobile coins has shown a gratifying situation: the mut coins Monetary Fund for the first time in 6 years the world economic growth is expected to increase, the members of the G20 is expected to achieve after the 2008 financial crisis for mut coins first time all positive growth. At the same time, the growth of international trade is expected to increase 2.4%, the global investment 5%. however, the world is still facing weak mut coins growth “. Against globalization” rise, mut coins increase of uncertainty of the storm, no country can be spared or alone. In this context, the President Xi in Hamburg summit proposed “mut coins to the open development, mutual benefit and win-win road, common development of the world economy,” cake “to make world economic growth more inclusive.”