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According to the doctor, as Yang Yang grew older, he will also need several fifa 18 coins to do, think of little younger son was so much sin, Yang Hua and Li Fang is full of helpless and sad at the end of fifa 18 coins.2016, Yang Hua and Li Fang also gave birth to a child, in accordance with the idea of Yang Hua, when they are old. Somebody has to replace them to take care of Yang Yang, and may fifa 18 coins to rely on Yang Yang’s sister! (the parties are a pseudonym) after the case of Si in recent years, the security madden coins of minors, has been of concern to the fifa 18 coins. In the US, security risks can be divided into two kinds of children:One is the obvious danger, parents tend to have higher alertness; the other is the hidden dangers, parents fifa 18 coins is much lower. Security incidents involving children are often visible in the media, whether text or nba 2k18 coins reports, photos, accident scene to let everyone worried. Why fifa 18 coins would in danger?