unlimited egg inventory World of Warcraft and the collision of film and television

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his article by the 17173 World of Warcraft special author [meow] production provided, reproduced marked the source.
World of Warcraft on the eggs have been the courage to explore the players to explore the seven hundred and seventy-eight, as one of the most interesting content of World of Warcraft, digging eggs has been to explore the party’s welfare. World of Warcraft in the emergence of the source of eggs strange, big to a complete historical events, small to a short lines, can make the designer brain open. This time we come to inventory about World of Warcraft and film and television production of the chemical reaction, these, you must have seen!
1, ninja turtles
There is a mouse on the edge table near the entrance to the Dalaran Sewer,(Click bankofwow.com to buy buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
and the side is surrounded by a circle of four turtles, a combination of rats and turtles is not feeling very familiar? Yes, the mouse is the famous Sprint, as the master of the ninja turtle, holding a Ninjutsu Sprint is absolutely qualified to let four ninja turtles obediently sitting on the side of the honest lectures. Maybe someday the four will become NPC also maybe.
2, black people
In the 52 area outside a huge energy cover in the protection of the 52 area, when you first learned to fly in the outer domain will certainly choose from top to bottom into the 52 area, this time there will be a light from the sky while you get a buff , 52 area memory to eliminate the radiation, in fact, this is the 1997 film “black people” of the eggs, and 52 itself is spoof of the United States alien secret research base area 51, agents with memory to eliminate the ray so that people forget to see To the aliens, in the void storm everywhere have agents Oh.
3, flight snake
There was a crashed plane outside the camp of the Naxinwari expedition in Nagrand, and the next step was a maintenance of the female souls. It looked very ordinary and lamented that we had a great deal. Spectrum. But when you look down from the bottom will find the inside of the aircraft are full of snakes! In the movie “flight snake” is such a snake war scene, two people and hundreds of snakes, think about it is terrible.
4, Harry Potter and the magic stone
“Harry Potter and the magic stone” phone Harry Potter series of the first, in which a lot of delicate and mysterious settings for the latecomers to provide a variety of eggs, World of Warcraft is no exception. There is a very well-known chess in Karazhan, a boss in the old version, an elite in the new version. This chess set from the “Harry Potter and the magic stone” in the Hogwarts Magic Academy of magic chess.
5, black Friday
In the town of flash gold there is a very famous pentagram event, from the heroic valley to the town of flash gold on a second floor of the small house has been wandering in the six children, they constitute a pentagram, and the middle of the point. Whenever six children to a small room, BGM will instantly change into a strange atmosphere. There is also a strange pier and a crystal lake outside the hut. Crystal Lake from the US horror film “Black Friday”, the film occurred in the lake a lot of horror murder, it all have unspeakable links.
6, speed snail
There are four snails on the runway, one of which is called the Lightning Snail is the protagonist, if the player can think of ways to get the winner of the lightning can get the same name pet, but Lightning ran a little slower than the other three, so letting him win is too much trouble. This egg comes from the movie “speed snail”, the protagonist of the film is always called the lightning snail.

In addition to the above-mentioned film and television eggs, World of Warcraft there are many interesting eggs, interested players may wish to continue to find.

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Brain hole: Illidan jump is because the son of light and dark another person?

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Illidan was called a few small version of the dark and dark son, has been playing soy sauce at the same time being molded into the image of the savior, a public foot men have been in the request of Zerah to help find the corpses and souls scattered in Illidan, and finally After the resurrection is also a big show a sense of existence, that is, directly from the universe pulled back from the universe. Illidan slightly fist action and Khadgar’s face to eat the evil expression also let the players feel things are not simple.
Is the players waiting for the 7.3 finally came, the players were surprised to find the savior of the darkness of the son of Illidan angry winds in the acceptance of the Holy Light baptism suddenly jump back, an eye edge put the holy luster to Gaosi! director! This script is not right ah!

(Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Reason, since the Mei God left, the story of World of Warcraft is indeed a bit of collapse, and even preface does not take language, eat part-time as simple as eating. Several versions of the image of the shape of such an edge was destroyed. It is no wonder that Turalyon angrily cut a knife, and the tube Illidan called the betrayer, if standing from the perspective of Turalyon, Illidan really destroyed his thousands of years of effort, in the heart of Turalyon, the light is victory Burning Legion must rely on the power. But now all over! The source of the light GG, and dark son also betrayed, and the status of the light may be in the heart of Turala also produced a shake. We know that there are many kinds of power in the world of Warcraft, void, chaos, evil, Light, no matter what the strength is dangerous. Even if it is the light, in the forced Illidan baptism when it is not so hideous?

Even so, but to say that Blizzard suddenly at the end of this piece of information to completely abandon the number of small version of the number of settings, but I do not believe, completely overturn the dark sub-set, then the entire piece of information will be very Not complete. Some people speculated that Legion Pro version is likely to be separated after the official story, as a mass of the history of a separate book. In this piece of information, I think the son of light and dark is likely to expand the feeder line. Illidan is probably not really a dark son, before are misunderstanding.
Light and dark son on behalf of the two sides, to perfectly integrate the two do not match the power, not necessarily simply refers to the light and shadow. In the latest burst of the story, we know that Aurelia began to contact the power of vanity, even in Zenidar to monitor. Although Aoli Liya is still fighting the strength of the Burning Legion, but has not trusted, it is likely that this plot is Blizzard buried foreshadowing. The true light and darkness is not from Illidan, but from Aureas, far from Argus. Aurel and the son of Turalyon, the Redeemer Alatore in Illidan is no longer suitable for accept the protagonist template under the premise of Alatore has become a very good protagonist, it is likely that Illidan will Into the role of paving the way for Alatore. And Turalyon has the power of Light, Alleria has the power of vanity, the combination of the two to get Aladol, then become the son of the darkness of the chances of getting bigger and bigger. If the brain hole open, so think it seems very reasonable, we can continue to focus on follow-up plot.
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